No one cares about illegal building

“Seems like this could be a profitable enterprise, buy a house, break it into section and lease out the sections.”

Clarity on refuse removal

Can someone please update the 2017 refuse removal calender or send it with our Ekurhuleni tax invoice.

The Bag Lady

Networking at Woman@Work, browsing new lines in furniture, taking time out – all in a week!

Powerbox smokes

We cannot live like this. We have been waiting patiently for assistance, but nothing happens.

Thank you for cleaning up

I understand the school has a new principal and to him also a big thank you for the clean-up and adding value to our suburb in Brackenhurst.

The Bag Lady

When you enter the cinema foyer a “train conductor” welcomes patrons as each new movie begins, by shouting “all aboard”!

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