On this day in history: Space Shuttle STS-45 launched into space

The undated STS-45 mission official crew portrait. Image by © NASA/Handout/CNP/Corbis

On March 24, 1992, the Space Shuttle STS-45 launched into space.

STS-45 was a mission using the Space Shuttle Atlantis. The almost nine day scientific mission was with a non-deployable payload of instruments. It was the 46th Space Shuttle mission and the 11th for Atlantis.

Atlantis was launched on 24 March 1992, at 8:13 am. The launch was originally scheduled for 23 March, but was delayed by one day because of higher-than-allowable concentrations of liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen in the orbiter’s aft compartment during tanking operations.

During troubleshooting, the leaks could not be reproduced, leading engineers to believe that they were the result of plumbing in the main propulsion system; the launch was rescheduled for 24 March.

Atlantis weighed 105 982 kilograms at launch.

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