Narrow escape from fire for Ford driver

UP IN FLAMES: The Ford Kuga in flames at the Voortrekker off-ramp.

WARREN KROG was driving to the Ford dealership in Alberton at around 07:00 on Thursday, January 12, when his Ford Kuga burst into flames on the Voortrekker Road off-ramp.

Krog said he noticed that, for about five kilometers, the car was emitting smoke and he decided to take it straight to the dealership, following reports that a number of Kugas were giving problems.

He had been travelling to work in Germiston, from Brackenhurst, but decided to rather go to the Ford dealership as he became very concerned about the state of his vehicle. Little did he know that the vehicle would not make it that far.


Recalling the events before the vehicle burst into flames, Krog was thankful to have survived.

“The vehicle was emitting smoke from the engine for quite some time and I decided that it was safer to take it straight to Ford. As I turned the corner on the Voortrekker Road off-ramp, the smoke intensified. I immediately pulled over and grabbed my laptop and identity document, as these items are difficult to replace. A police vehicle drove past shortly afterwards and I asked the officers for a fire extinguisher, which they didn’t have. Within 10 minutes, the car was in flames. The fire department and Netcare 911 arrived to assist me,” said Krog.

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According to a fireman on the scene, the Kuga’s doors could have locked when the fire started.

“I am just thankful to be alive and relieved that no one was with me. Thankfully the vehicle didn’t catch alight in my garage, as my house could have burnt down, or at a shopping centre around other cars,” said Krog.

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