Your new go-to, hyper-local property platform is but a click away

For close to a century, Caxton Local Newspapers have delivered locally-based information that you have used to make informed decisions about your life. Our newspapers have many loyal readers who choose to consume our products on a daily basis.

During the last five years Caxton Local Newspapers have transformed into information rich platforms online. You are now able to access hyper-local information about your specific area on your phone, laptop, or tablet. Our websites bring you the news as it happens, providing you with hyper-local, national, and international content. Our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms give you the opportunity to share and discuss your concerns, and positive initiatives within communities around the country. You can now access information anytime, anywhere.

If you are reading this then you are already a participant in the digital information era.

We are now entering an even bigger evolutionary phase. We are proud to introduce our property portal: Homes.

This platform is unique because users are able to find homes in their local areas. You no longer have to search through a national directory to find your dream home, but are able to quickly find properties for rent or sale in specific areas around South Africa.

So…what does this platform offer you?

  • On this unique platform you can either buy, sell or rent your property in no time.
  • Instant browsing lets you get an idea of what’s happening in your local property market.
  • And once you’ve found that dream home? Instantly phone an estate agent or the owner in order to secure an appointment or viewing.
  • There’s even an affordability and bond calculator that will tell you whether you can afford a property or its monthly bond repayments!
  • The map pin and street view options will guide you in establishing where exactly the property is situated within a suburb or region, and will take you on a tour of the neighbourhood!
  • If the tour doesn’t seal the deal, you can also access various photos and videos that’ll best showcase the viewed property.

Here’s how:

Get started by visiting your local property platform!

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