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I know this has nothing to do with shopping, but if I don’t have a rant about this I think I’ll scream! Why when I’m driving around roads in the suburbs and the speed limit is clearly visible, do drivers behind me get so aggro when I try and stick to the speed limit? Last week Thursday, I was driving down Kliprivier Drive from the N12 where the speed limit is 80km/h. Yes, I did move over to the outside lane because I wanted to turn right into Impala Road.

The guy behind me was so angry because I was only going 83km/h and, quite honestly, if he could have pushed me off the road, I’m sure he would have. His arms were flailing all over the place and when he carried on through the traffic lights, the glare he gave me was evil.

Then I turned into Impala Road, where the speed limit is clearly 60km/h and, once again, I had an idiot behind me wanting to go faster; he even flashed his headlights at me. By now I was doing 70km/h but refused to go any faster.

I’m absolutely sick of impatient drivers who break the law continually and make us who try and stick to the speed limit feel guilty for doing so! If you are one of these drivers, leave earlier so you can reach your destination on time, don’t terrorise those of us who won’t break the law.

Well, now that’s done, I can move on to more positive news – shopping.

Bargain hunting

I’m eagerly awaiting clothing sales which are sure to take place in the next month or so. There is just no way all the summer stock lingering will be sold before autumn arrives, so, meanwhile, I’m making a list of birthday gifts I need to buy and will hopefully make a killing when the ‘big’ sales begin.

Those shopping inserts in the newspapers are a bit of a nuisance but please look at them before you take the whole lot and throw them in the bin. Pick n Pay and Checkers have some amazing deals which will certainly help with your weekly food bill. I only shop monthly for toiletries and cleaning items, otherwise I shop weekly and even daily for food stuffs. It really pays off and I don’t waste either.

Movie magic

I experienced a wonderful evening at the movies last week when friends I went to see Fifty Shades Darker at Gold Reef City. Apart from the actual movie, which was great, the whole experience was fabulous. Talk about plush! It’s really beautiful and I actually felt like I was about to board the Orient Express. The foyer is designed as a train station and from the floor tiles to the ceiling it’s sheer class. When you enter the cinema foyer a “train conductor” welcomes patrons as each new movie begins, by shouting “all aboard”! The bathrooms are exquisite, with a royal vintage theme. Even the toilet seats have handles so you don’t have to touch the toilet pan. Definitely worth a visit!

That’s it for this week. Shop till you drop!


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Julie Maule
Comaro Chronicle News Editor

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