The Bag Lady

I hope you all enjoyed a truly wonderful Valentine’s Day/evening, even if you spent it at home with your loved ones. Sometimes those times are just the best! Nowadays we are all so busy with our own lives we don’t always have the time to spend precious moments with those who mean the most to us.

Life is about change

I was at a [email protected] networking dinner last week and what a fantastic evening it was. Guest speaker Niki Seberini totally blew my mind. She spoke from her heart and how her life changed after a near death incident. I think many of us could relate to her talk and next week I’ll write an article about what she spoke about. If you ever have the chance to go to one of her talks, do so. I think – in fact I know – you’ll love it.

Girl on a Train

I’d heard lots about the book (and now the movie) and I just had to buy it. I heard you won’t want to put it down once you start it, and that’s true! I’m halfway through it and obviously have to put it down but I intend to finish it as soon as I can. If you enjoy psychological thrillers, this is one for you. My husband read it first and also said it was great, but thought it was more of a ‘female’ read. See for yourself!

Chic seating

Looking for something different in the furniture range? Look no further than SitOnIt Ernest Cassarino Functional Designs. Ernest Cassarino has captured a classic, but modern twist to the furniture he designs and manufactures. Made from epoxied mild steel structure, ergonomically designed and comfortable, his chairs have washable seats. Choose from indoor pieces, such as City Chair, City Dining, City Barstool, Breakfast Barstool or Set-Up Chair, or his Terrace Chair, Terrace Armchair, Garden Chair or Patio Barstool and you’ll have designer furniture which will last a lifetime. Colour choices are black, grey, red and three variations of green. For more information, email [email protected] or phone Ernest on 084 435 1821.

Even though Autumn is fast approaching, there’s still new summer stock coming into the shops which will wow you in beautiful colours and styles. Interestingly enough, autumn officially begins on March 1 and lasts until May 31, winter is June 1 to August 31, spring September 1 to November 30 and summer December 1 until the end of February. I was never sure and actually thought autumn began at the beginning of April or May. Shows how wrong one can be!

That’s it for this week, shop till you drop!


Julie Maule
Comaro Chronicle News Editor

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