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I know, I know, we need the rain! But really, I’ve had enough, for a while anyway. I don’t mind rain during the night; it’s perfect in fact, but driving around to appointments in the pouring rain is far from pleasant. I have to admit though, everything is looking green and fresh.

Sale of sales

I knew it! As soon as my money had taken a walk out of my purse, Woolworths had its sale! But this you won’t believe. I walked in, browsed for a while and walked out empty handed. First time ever – but then there is a first time for everything.

Not that there weren’t some great buys; I think I’m becoming particularly fussy with how I spend my money. Once upon a time I’d go in with a trolley, load it up with all sorts of things, pay, take it all home and decide which of the items I really loved and then return a few things.

Fruit-less buns

While I was in Woolworths though I went into the food section and guess what I found? Fruit-free hot cross buns! Now, isn’t that something. My colleague loves the taste of the actual bun but not the raisins and fruit. She’s delighted with this new product (six for R18.99, with fruit R21.99 and apricot with white chocolate bits R23.99).

Woolies is first too with its Easter eggs. You can always count on Woolworths to be first with seasonal goods. I didn’t have time to check out prices but I will next week.

Just heavenly

Oh So Heavenly shampoos and conditioners in small bottles, ideal for travelling. Choose from Care and Caress Weightless Prohealth, Repair ‘n Care Nourishing and Repairing and Love your Colour, R16.99 each.

That’s it for this week. Shop till you drop!


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Julie Maule
Comaro Chronicle News Editor

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