Company comments on claims of illegal storage

A WORRY: A picture of the stacked drums that were causing a resident some concern.

ON February 15, the RECORD published a letter from a concerned resident who feared the potential danger of drums being stacked at a facility in Alberton.

Imperial Cargo Solutions, owner of Freightmax, the business in question, commented as follows:

“The stored drums contents consist mainly of lubes (oil), categorised non-hazardous and stored according to both local by-laws and national regulations as well as the applicable SANS standards. The storage has been approved by the local Fire and Emergency Department. We are regularly audited and inspected by our principal (a major oil company) and meet with their high standard requirements for storage and handling their lube products.

“Forklifts are used by trained and competent drivers to lift the drums and the risk of forklifts piercing the drums is minimised. We have not had any previous historic onsite events or incidents of major spillages, including handling by the forklifts.

The following mitigating measures are in place:

*The Risk Assessments were undertaken

*The storage areas are bunded (bunding, also called a bund wall, is a constructed retaining wall around storage where potentially polluting substances are handled, processed or stored, for the purposes of containing any unintended escape of material from that area until such time as remedial action can be taken) to contain 110 per cent capacity of the area contents in the event of a spillage

*The product (lubes) properties do not have any combustible properties, neither can the product cause any harm to individuals and the atmosphere

*In the event of a spillage, we have a site emergency plan to handle any site-related incidents with dedicated trained appointed staff

*Spill kits are available on-site and we are contracted to two major spill response companies to assist in the event of an incident

*Daily storage inspections are conducted by Freightmax staff

*The site is manned by 24-hour security personnel, as well, as we are currently in the process of installing 48 on-site cameras.

I trust the above corrective measures settle any uncertainties or concerns on the current storage at Hibiscus Avenue.

Steven Smith, MD for Imperial Cargo Solutions.


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