Little speedster a star in the making

THE WINNER: Mohammed Moerat winning the Mini Max go-kart race. Photo: Provided.

MOHAMMED Moerat enjoys the distinction of being the youngest racing champion in South Africa, according to Motorsport South Africa.

His talent was clear from a young age. At the tender age of four, he was already going about his business around the track in his kart as if nothing could disturb him. This little speedster from Winchester Hills used to challenge boys twice his age during practice and beat them. He subsequently went on to win his first race at the age of only five years and two months.

AWARD WINNER: Mohammed Moerat, champion in the Northern region and in 2015 in South Africa.
Photo: Provided.

Moerat has only one dream and that is to become the fastest kart driver on the track.

Before he even reached the age of six, he finished fourth in the Northern Regions Championship and won the 2015 Africa Open Championship.

In 2016, the then six-year-old Moerat won Gauteng’s Northern Regions cadet class category and is now racing in the Micro Rox and Micro Max Championship. This February he won his first regional race in his Micro Max kart.

He is enthusiastically supported by his mother Tasneem Moerat, his father Kamal (who is his hero), his sister Sameea, his grandparents Vee and Jay and his aunt, uncle and cousin too.

DRIVER IN THE MAKING: Mohammed Moerat takes the turn in the Mini Max season.
Photo: Provided

The Grade One learner from Hartford College has made it clear that his goal this year is to finish in the top five in the national championship in Micro Max at his first attempt, as well as in the top four in Micro Rox in all club competitions.

If there is any organisation or individual who would like to sponsor him they are most welcome.

His favourite quote is by US basketball legend Michael Jordan: “I’ve never lost a game, I just ran out of time.”

Mohammed follows Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen in the Formula One very closely and also finds time to play soccer and listen to hip-hop music.

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