Resident upset over exclusion from pylon meeting


Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality might still be under ANC control for now, but that does not give them the right to exclude DA councillors who were elected by the residents of Alberton to represent us in matters such as the proposed route of the high-voltage overhead power lines through the Alberton CBD.

These power lines and pylons will adversely affect the aesthetics of the CBD to such an extent that it will deteriorate further. It appears as though the EMM together with Eskom are busy with dirty tactics to steamroll this project through without proper consultation with the residents of Alberton.

An example of this is the public participation meeting of March 3, which the EMM and Eskom tried to conduct without the residents of Alberton even being aware it. The EMM decided not to communicate such important information to the residents of Alberton because they knew what the outcome would be.

I want to state that the residents of Alberton do not want these overhead power lines to run through the CBD and we will take extreme measures if need be to ensure that this line in its current form or route will not be constructed.

Angry and very concerned resident

The RECORD contacted the EMM for comment, but they failed to do so by the time of going to print.

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David Pienaar

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