Grazers and layabouts are a concern

In response to an article in the Alberton Record, I also, as a resident of Verwoerdpark, have noticed cattle grazing along the suburb’s pavements.

This is actually not surprising. Firstly, there are not many paved sidewalks for residents to utilise and, secondly, the animals most likely need fodder. However, this said, it is positively unacceptable. We are a residential area and not a rural or peri-urban area.

Further to the above, I’d like to add that for years we have had to endure people loitering on the sidewalks on a daily basis. Where do they come from?

Sometimes there are 50 or more, just lying or sitting on the edges of the sidewalks in front of resident’s homes. This is particularly noticeable between the circle of Glen Drive and along Braun Road up to the Second Avenue Rand Shopping Centre.

Most of these people appear to have cell phones and arrive every day. I personally have monitored several persons who have been in the same spot for two years or more. Surely if they have South African ID documents they should go to an unemployment bureau and apply for work, as most employers today are rather wary of just taking on anyone.

I have no problem with people looking for a job, but I do certainly have a problem with the loitering and litter they leave behind in front of my property on a daily basis, and I’m sure there are other residents who feel the same.

Perhaps the council or police should investigate and monitor the situation, as crime continues to escalate in the suburb.

Annoyed Verwoerdpark Resident

* The RECORD requested comment from the Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality on March 23 but did not receive a response.

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Elzaan Pienaar

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