Watch: Chaos ensues at Ekurhuleni’s State of the City address, EFF escorted out by EMPD

The State of the City address did not even get started before chaos erupted in the Germiston Council Chambers, this morning (Wednesday).

EFF councillors were forcefully removed by members of the EMPD.

After the singing of the national anthem by the EMPD choir, the mayor, Clr Mzwandile Masina, was called to the podium to present the State of the City address.

However, before he could even say good morning the EFF interrupted with points of order.

They asked the speaker, Clr Patricia Kumalo, to ensure that private security personnel would not enter the chambers and intimidate councillors, who are trying to do their jobs.

“They masquerade as private security personnel but we know they are nothing more than hooligans,” the EFF said.

The mayor then took his seat while the point of order was addressed.

The EFF further insisted on a full report, they claim was promised, on the incident involving private security personnel which occurred at the recent special council meeting.

The speaker, who could not keep control of the meeting, stated she had addressed the points of order, but the EFF disagreed.

She told the EFF if they did not want to be part of the meeting they should leave.

This remark caused a screaming match between the councillors and the speaker summoned the EMPD into the chambers to remove the EFF members.

Watch the chaos below:


The DA members all pulled out red cards and told the EMPD officers to get out of the chambers and the DA and EFF members scuffled with the officers.

EMPD officers escorted EFF members out of the chambers before all party leaders were called out of the chambers for a caucus.

Chief whip of council Clr Jongizizwe Dlabathi said the multi-party discussion agreed the following:

1. The State of the City address must continue.

2. Parties must allow council to continue as it should.

3. The report the EFF requested must be supplied at the next council meeting.

The DA and the EFF then called for a caucus to ensure all their councillors were unharmed after the uproar and one DA councillor was allegedly taken to hospital after being trampled in the scuffle with the EMPD.

Ald Tania Campbell, the DA chief whip of Ekurhuleni, also requested an answer from the speaker as to why EMPD officers were allowed into the council chambers with their weapons despite a rule being passed that they weren’t allowed to, as this endangered everyone in the council chambers.

The EFF stated that the speaker does not respect them and calls for security whenever she doesn’t like what they have to say.

Councillors started taking their seats but then the ANC called for a caucus.

A GCN journalist is at the meeting and updates will follow.

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