Ex-ward councillor talks to The Record

MAN OF THE MOMENT: Michael Basch is making good headway with his new venture.

MANY readers and residents may wonder about what happened to former ward councillor Michael Basch.

The RECORD met with Michael at our offices recently and he had some interesting things to tell us. “Knowing what I do now, I believe that I could have achieved even more in my time in office,” said Michael. “My secret is simple, I have gone to the source of all stress, anxiety, fear and depression and worked on that and by doing that I have freed my life in so many ways. I am a better father and husband and my business interests are soaring,” he adds with a big smile.

So what is the source of it all?

“Your brain,” said Michael, “that is the source of all your problems.

“How your brain works defines how your life works or doesn’t – as is the case with most people. “Politics taught me just how much stress can affect your life. I picked up weight, had problems sleeping and my relationships suffered for it. I knew there had to be a better way and so I used all my connections to contact some of the world’s most successful people dealing with high stress jobs.

“What I discovered was that there is a line, a path if you will, that connects them all and it all led back to the brain. I learned that depression and anxiety brought on by stress not only affected my health and weight but it increased my chance of getting Alzheimer’s and dementia by 80 per cent, which is scary. Our children are not immune to it either, with cases of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) skyrocketing, creating a generation of drug-enabled kids,” he added.

“I knew there had to be a better way and in doing so I pulled together a team of the top experts in neuro feedback, hypnotherapy, coaching, nutrition and exercise to build a company that focuses on the brain. Learning how to boost your greatest resource brings you closer to your success than ever before. I have opened the Basch Institute, a company aimed at research into the brain and how it works, finding healthy ways of training the brain to overcome these obstacles like stress, depression and ADD; beyond that, to teach everyone how to focus their brains onto only that which they need or want more, what is good for them basically. It’s the science behind success.

“So, to bring this to the world, I will be hosting a public talk on Wednesday, April 26, at the Apollo Hotel in Randburg. You can go to my website: www.thebaschinstitute.com for more details and, because I really love Alberton, I will be giving away two sets of VIP tickets to the Alberton Record readers. Simply like and follow our Facebook page: The Basch Institute and leave the comment “Alberton Record” and I will randomly choose the winners,” he said.

Basch promises that it will be an evening that will teach you how to take back your life, your relationships and your success path. “It’s easy to fix your brain, to fix your life. This is my new mission, to teach as many people as I can how to take back their lives. Stress is inevitable, hard times are a reality, but having a hard life soaked in depression and misery is not. You can free your life and be successful in whatever you do when you learn how to care for your most important resource,” he stated.

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David Pienaar

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