Tree removal leaves residents in the dark

CABLE: This is how residents help each other to get power in Van Heerden Street.

RESIDENTS of Van Heerden Street, in Randhart, have had ongoing and, of late, significant problems with electricity supply which they blame on the removal of a large tree in the street.

Since the tree was removed, resident Ed Tisson claimed, residents have experienced power surges, mix-ups with electricity meters and blown circuits.

Tisson added a car accident occurred on March 23 at the site where the tree was removed and that council only came to put danger tape around the site on March 29. The Ekurhuleni Metro Municipality (EMM) had dug up the pavement and dumped everything on the road, leaving exposed wires and a very big obstruction in the street, he said.

DANGEROUS: The site where the tree was removed has exposed electricity cables.

“I was left without power for 36 hours on March 29. We have notified the EMM and received numerous reference numbers, but there has been no solution to our problems,” he said.

“My neighbours also contacted the call centre with their own issues, on numerous occasions. I had to personally pay for a fault caused in my house as a direct result of these problems as council insists it is not for their account. I was forced to have the problem fixed otherwise I would have been without power for five days. The council keeps promising to fix the faults, but to date no specific action has been taken,” Tisson said.

“We explained that it is impossible that the electricity can trip in two separate houses in the street at exactly the same time except if it is an external fault which blew the circuit in my ceiling, probably due to a surge.”

The RECORD has contacted EMM for comment, but none had been received at the time of going to print.

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