Pensioner robbed on payout day

ROBBERY HOT SPOT: Unsuspecting community members chat near the notorious shortcut between the Community Hall and the reservoir, where a pensioner was robbed.

AFTER the debacle in Parliament concerning the payout of grants to beneficiaries and numerous daily assurances from President Jacob Zuma and Minister Bathabile Dlamini that grants would be paid out, the day finally dawned and brought smiles to everyone.

On Monday, April 10 in Eden Park, pensioners, some in wheelchairs and others with walking sticks, assisted by grandchildren, happily made their way to the pay-point at the Community Hall. They were paid and left with big smiles as they went home thinking about what they could buy for their grandchildren.

But one pensioner reached home with a very sad face and a broken heart. The poor old lady had waited a whole month for her grant and will now have to wait another month – because one stupid, illiterate and ill-mannered drug addict robbed her of her grant money a few minutes after she received it.

The pensioner made the mistake of taking a short-cut between the Community Hall and the reservoir. This bushy pathway is known for robberies which are carried out day and night.

The robbers who operate there are mostly drug addicts who have no money and will target small children and even pensioners.

On numerous occasions, the RECORD has published warnings about this dangerous pathway, urging the community to avoid it. The Eden Park police have also been warning residents about this hot spot since several robbery cases were opened.

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Saul Thloloe

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