Addicts blamed for break-ins in Eden Park Secondary

DAMAGE DONE: Perturbed and frustrated principal Liza Naudé walks away from a big bag filled with tools that was left behind by burglars who left her office in a mess.

DEALERS who sell drugs to young people are turning the youth into enemies of their own communities and addicts are spoiling the learners’ future by stealing and destroying valuable data at schools, say Eden Park parents.

It is alleged by many concerned parents that drug addicts steal laptops and computers which they exchange for drugs with the drug dealers who, they say, also have children attending the targeted schools.

The drug addicts, say the parents, are young men aged between 16 and 25 years who roam the streets aimlessly, just asking or begging everybody for R2 or R5 on a daily basis. “So, whenever the daily collection is low, they then plan the break-ins,” one parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the RECORD.

The addicts, it is alleged, have now turned into highly professional burglars and targeted Eden Park Secondary in the early hours of Wednesday, April 12.

A big black bag filled with all sorts of tools, including a grinder and a large electric drill, was left in the principal’s office where the thieves apparently tried to cut the safe door open. After failing to do so, it seems, they just left the tools in the office.

The principal of the school, Liza Naudé, said: “People who go out of their way to break into schools to steal and destroy the property of the school, are not only causing a set-back for the school, but are ignorantly destroying and hampering the children’s future.

“The senseless thieves broke into the computer lab and stole about 40 computers, which has now brought lessons to a halt and important data has been lost because of some ignorant individuals who evidently don’t care about the children’s future.”

One parent, who also asked not to be named, said the drugs are sold to learners as young as 15 and thus Grade Eight learners abandon school because they get hooked. They then, says the parent, have nothing to do but to plot how they will get something to pay for their next fix – hence the constant break-ins.

Many parents told the RECORD that enough is enough and that the drug dealers, who are well-known in Eden Park, must be stopped as quickly as possible because in 20 years from now, Eden Park won’t have teachers, priests, pastors, nurses or community leaders while the druglords get richer.

Eden Park Secondary School is pleading for help from the community to identify the owners of the big black bag left behind by the thieves. Any information should be passed on to the Eden Park police, who are investigating the latest break-in and the allegations made by the parents.

Eden Park SAPS can be contacted on 011 439 1806.

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Saul Thloloe

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