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APN POSTER: Animal Protection Network advertises its services.

ANIMAL Protection Network (APN) held their first meeting as a registered non-profit company (NPO) on Thursday, April 20. APN’s mission is to save and help animals in need in the greater Alberton area.

The meeting took place at Rietvlei Zoo Farm’s Tin Cup Restaurant, and was hosted by APN’s executives – Zuerina Venter, Avril Calverwell, Odette van Zyl and Petro Lottering.

SAD PICTURES: Odette van Zyl showing everyone emotional before-and-after pictures of their rescue animals.

Avril and Odette started the meeting boldly by handing out APN membership forms to everyone. After nearly everyone filled them in, Avril started explaining why they need all the help they can get.

APN’s vision is to be an animal welfare group that saves and helps unwanted and/or abused street dogs, cats and any other animals in need, in the greater area of Alberton. They are in partnership with Brackenhurst Vet, which has provided their rescue animals with quality care and treatment.

APN MEETING: Animal Protection Network having their first meeting as an official non-profit company.

APN’s Avril elaborates: “We identify animals in need, we find out where they come from, and then according to that information and with the help of Brackenhurst Vet, we do a ‘needs assessment’ for the animal.”

Avril described how Sally Pinto, a woman with very restricted means, still manages to feed hundreds of animals every day. A sad feeling arose in the room when Sally talked. “There are too many animals. I can’t feed all of them, even though I try. We need to sterilise some animals, but I really can’t do it on my own,” she said with teary eyes.

APN EXECUTIVES: Avril Calverwell, Odette van Zyl, Zuerina Venter and Petro Lottering.

Avril added that, to be able to help more animals, they need as many donations as possible. Kennel space for the animals is also a great need. These donations don’t have to be money – anything that can be sold in a jumble sale (this is one of APN’s main sources of income), such as clothes or old appliances or chairs or toys (to name just a few things), are more than welcome.

APN’s Petro adds: “Leftover food – don’t throw it away! We need food and especially meat for the animals. Leftover bones, anything. Another thing is freezer space – we need deep freezers to put all this food in and preserve it.”

As the meeting progressed, it became clear that APN is based on strict pro-life and good moral principles.

APN not only helps troubled animals, but also people in the area in deep poverty.

Emotions ran high when Odette showed everyone before-and-after pictures of some of the animals that APN have rescued. These pictures, despite their sadness, also showed the hope that APN can offer to many more animals, with the help of the community.

If you want to support APN, become a member or just make a donation, call 071 607 1188 or visit their website at Your support can change the world of a vulnerable, abused animal.

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Monique van Wyk

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