Terrible state of roads under the spotlight

DANGEROUS: One of the many potholes around Alberton.

It is with great concern that I write to you regarding the degradation of our roads.

Very badly affected areas are Meyersdal, running off Hennie Alberts, especially at the corner of Hart and Catherina streets and the corner of Hennie Alberts and Clairette streets where the closed petrol station is.

Road subsidence has made these intersections extremely hazardous and dangerous and council are quite happy to leave them this way for months at a time. The intersection with Hart Street was only repaired in February by the new Ekurhuleni ‘Pothole Brigades’ and after the heavy rains early in March are now twice as bad as before the ‘repair’.

Big oil drums with emergency tape now reside in the right-hand turning lane into Clairette Street, so that some car will not disappear into the massive ditch of a pothole.

The outcome is the same with the intersection at Catherina Street, which previously took months to be repaired.

One has only to stand and watch the ‘Pothole Brigade’ at work to understand why these repairs are so inferior.

Our roads now resemble a patchwork quilt – the pothole is simply filled in, and no proper restoration work is done. Just a simple patch is put on that comes off in a short period of time.

I understand the council’s need to be seen to employ as many BBBEE subcontractors as possible, but surely not at the risk of having to come back on numerous occasions to make repairs over and over again, or at the risk of damage to cars and the immense cost to the payers of rates and taxes?

My second issue is with the closure of the Zenex garage at the corner of Hennie Alberts and Clairette streets. This has now been closed and boarded up for many months. Sporadic work seems to take place from time to time and now we see that vagrants are moving in and it has become infested with rats. The garden on the pavement is a disgrace. Who is responsible for ensuring that the cutting of the grass is done on a regular basis and that the garden is maintained?

We are led to believe that the site is to become an Engen garage, but when will this eyesore be completed? There are rumours going around that this project has been halted by one of the councillors in the municipality. Residents have the right to be kept informed of the problems on this site.

I would appreciate some response from the council and whoever is the owner of the site the Zenex garage used to stand on.

Concerned Meyersdal resident

The RECORD has received no comment from the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality regarding this issue.

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David Pienaar

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