Pensioner struggles with municipality


TODAY I lodged a complaint with the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality.

My ordeal started when I visited their offices after I did not receive a statement for March. They then presented me with a statement saying I owe them R10 096.96 because the electricity was supposedly not paid for 10 months.

I objected to this because it was completely untrue.

The man claiming to be the manager told me that although I paid the amounts stated on the statements every month, the meters were not checked.

I asked him whose fault that was, but he did not answer.

I must mention that the meters were taken out of our yards and put into a container on the pavement down the road two years ago.

The other problem I have is that we now have no way to verify what they tell us, which seems like a lame excuse and just complete incompetence on the part of the EMM.

It is clear the staff there do not perform their duties and that nobody cares to monitor this.

I was forced to pay R1 500 on April 20 and will have to pay R477.61 every month for 18 months to cover the outstanding amount of R8 596.98, which is a lot more than the regular amount.

I hate having to pay for their mistake. It is unfair that I should be penalised for their faults. One has to wonder whether corruption is not involved.

Catina Demetriou

The RECORD is in possession of the statements referred to. EMM was contacted for comment, but they have not responded.

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