Are you sure your child is at school?

NO SCHOOL TODAY: High school learners on the rooftop at the taxi rank during school hours.

ON Thursday, April 20, a shop owner and customers were startled to see high school learners moving around on the roof of the taxi rank in Eden Park, near the Old Shopping Centre.

Worst of all was that these learners were there during school hours.

These five boys were showing off, hanging dangerously over the edge of the roof and laughing as they posed for the camera.

Bunking school is on the increase and many learners sit in Corona Street, the park in Vauxhall Street and the park next to VGK Church in Datsun Street.

Parents are urged to check their children’s workbooks on a regular basis, since this is where they will soon notice whether their children have been attending school.

The principal of Eden Park Secondary School, Liza Naudé, told the RECORD that the school had no knowledge of the learners sitting on the roof of the taxi rank, nor of their names.

“These are the learners who, when they are late for school, don’t even come near the gate like other learners do. When the gate is locked at 8.45am all late-comers enter a gate leading to the sports grounds where they sit and wait for the teachers to take their names.

“With that done, we SMS their parents to inform them about their children’s late-coming to school. But then others play the clever game by not coming near the school and so teachers don’t know whether they are off sick or not. Taking down names of late-comers evolves into a waste of time for teachers who have to miss two periods,” she said.

Captain Vusi Mhlophe of Eden Park SAPS said they are aware of the elusive school bunkers who run away from their police vehicles. “We were under the impression that late-comers were kept in detention on the sport grounds of the school as we were informed at one stage. We have to come up with a new strategy to curb or restrain this bad behaviour, which could escalate,” he said.

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Saul Thloloe

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