Natalie continues to inspire

NEW BOOK: Natalie and Ronnie Abrahams at the launch of her book While I'm Waiting.

NATALIE Abrahams recently introduced her second book, While I’m Waiting. The book launch took place on May 6 at the Covenant Christian Church in Eden Park.

The launch was well attended by pastors and teachers from Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg. Among the audience were reading enthusiasts from Reiger Park, Benoni, Eldorado Park, Alberton and many other areas in Johannesburg.

“I’m very happy and thankful that the launch of my second book was a success – just as it was with my first book, Get up and go on. I would like to thank the churches, schools and youth, the Alberton RECORD and the community for their support and love,” said Natalie with a smile.

It was 9am when the RECORD paid Natalie a visit at her flat in Eden Park. She talked about her book that has brought so much joy out from within her. “This book is for all four seasons of life. It must be read by married couples, singles, believers, school-goers and the youth, who must set goals for themselves and not just sit with talents that go to waste. My book reflects my life as a mother, wife and a believer in the Almighty God. I write about how I have taught myself not to compare myself to anyone by worldly standards or wealth, to respect my elders and to keep on admiring my mother, who has always been – and will always be – my real role model and inspiration,” she says.

Shifting in her chair, Natalie tells the RECORD about her future goals, as inspired by the writing of While I’m Waiting. “My inspiration and aim is to start workshops for the youth and mainly high school learners. I want Eden Park to have the future entrepreneurs and authors of best-selling books. Many misguided youths end up as addicts. I have already identified a Grade 10 learner who could be a future author,” she says excitedly.

In her latest book the author says: “I believe that I am here to contribute to the well-being and success of other people through my own experiences. I have a heightened awareness of my surroundings through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. I know that His plan is to help me prosper and not to harm me, so no matter what I face, I am already victorious.”

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Saul Thloloe

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