Second Avenue digging irks resident

DUG-UP DRIVEWAYS: Residents of Second Avenue have had their driveways dug up, which is causing major inconvenience.

I live in Verwoerdpark in Second Avenue, across the Spar. I must complain about the construction here – the digging of soil and paving in front of the houses and then also the big ditch in the road, across the Engen garage.

2ND AVENUE: This deep trench continues all along Second Avenue, Verwoerdpark.

Firstly, they’ve decided to install optic fibre or something of the like, beneath the ground all along Second Avenue. They’ve dug up the soil and some of the paving of my driveway, and just left it there in a heap in front of my house. I can’t get out with my car, and this morning (May 16) I actually bumped it on the rubble as I was trying to get out. No one asked my permission to dig up the paving, which I paid for. And now it’s just being left there and forgotten about. Who gave them the permission to dig up my paving and just leave it like that? And when will it be removed, and by whom?

WATCH OUT: A strip of road has been removed and filled with soft sand, posing unexpected danger to motorists.

Then there’s the ditch in the road. A strip of the road was removed a few weeks ago, leaving a dangerous ditch which probably gave a few motorists a fright as they drove over it – there weren’t even any road signs to warn motorists of the ditch ahead of them. Now they’ve gone and packed the ditch with bricks, but there is still no warning sign to slow down. Why was this ditch created and when will it be fixed? This has got to be fixed, or else drivers could really hurt their vehicles, or even themselves!”

Concerned and frustrated

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Monique van Wyk

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