Car almost drives into bedroom

SO CLOSE: A speeding car moved the big rock (left) before it drove into the brick wall next to the bedroom.

“I CAN only say that I am thankful I placed two big rocks in front of my house which is situated on a corner. The rocks saved our lives from a speeding vehicle driven by young boys.

“When they hit one of the heavy rocks, they actually moved it about two metres from their original position and still drove into my wall,” said the owner of the Eden Park home, Baart Koopman (60).

The Koopman family who live on the corner of Lancia and Ferrari Street, were fast asleep during the early hours of Monday morning, June 5, when they were suddenly woken by a loud crash.

“I had been to the toilet and had just fallen asleep when I heard the crash. I looked through the window and saw a vehicle a few centimetres away from the wall, next to my bedroom. My family was up by then and we went out and found two youngsters in the car but the driver ran away,” said Koopman.

The police station was just a few metres away so the family summoned police to the scene, but on realising that the parents of the youngsters where known by the Koopmans, the family decided not to open a case and to resolve the matter with the parents who agreed and promised to repair the damaged wall.

“The car almost landed in my bedroom. This is the fourth time that a car has been driven into my fence narrowly missing my house. What will be next?” asked Koopman.

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Saul Thloloe

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