Tech Thursday: 5 awesome apps for dad

Let’s be honest, sometimes finding the perfect gift for dad can be a lot harder than we think. This is why a digital gift just might be the way to go this year. The added bonus is knowing that your gift will be used regularly.

Whether he is a businessman, a creative guy or sports fanatic, here are five great apps that can be cool gifts for your dad this Father’s Day.

1. Gorilla Cam


A lot of dads love to capture every moment of their children’s progress and performance. Whether it’s a ballet recital or a soccer match, Gorilla Cam makes sure you have those awesome shots. This app (available for iPhones) delivers a huge list of features including digital zoom, anti-shake, self-timer, time lapse, continuous rapid-fire shooting and more. Your dad will be so happy he captured those moments. For similar apps for Android phones, try Open Camera or VSCO.

2. Flipboard

Your dad might be a DIY kind of guy or perhaps interested in the latest news, music or cars. Flipboard is the prefect magazine companion to keep him in the know at all times. You can load your dad’s favourite topics like travel, motoring, fine dining, technology, design. Flipboard will then create a magazine for each topic and all your dad’s favourite things will be in one place.


For the more artistic dads, PRISMA will be the perfect addition to their phones. It creates beautiful artworks of pictures that your dad inputs into the app. It’s really fun and creative, shares to all your dads social media and has awesome editing features.

4. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of those apps that can turn your dad into super-dad with so many helpful pins on a variety of topics including gardening, DIY house, painting, cooking, fashion, life hacks and much more. All your dad would have to do is type in keywords of a topic he is interested in and the search will yield lots of articles around that topic.

5. Super Swiss Army Knife


Your dad could really have it all at his fingertips with the Swiss Army Knife app. The app has a flashlight, a timer, compass, level, ruler, magnifying glass and it’s free. Match that with a real Swiss Army Knife and your gift could be the most unique this Father’s Day.


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