Spring appears in Bentley Road

MYSTERIOUS: Water is bubbling out from an unknown source in Bentley Street.

BENTLEY Street residents in Eden Park live in fear of one day finding out that their houses are sinking into the ground.

Two months ago small streams of water started to bubble out of the tarred road and everybody made a joke of the ‘miracle’ taking place right in the centre of the street.

“At first, the hole was small with little water bubbling out but as days went by, it became bigger and the tar started to sink in and red soil was coming out. We don’t know what danger this holds for us as we pray every night that we should not wake up to find a big sinkhole in front of our house,” said a very concerned resident, Cynthia Mantion.

A police officer, Eugene Roots, whose house is also facing the ‘miracle fountain’ said: “The more the vehicles drive over the hole, the more the water bubbles out and the bigger the hole becomes. Every time I reverse my car out of our gate, I always fear that the whole tarred surface could suddenly sink in and swallow my car and house into a big open hole.”

Residents claimed that they had reported the matter to the EMM rates office, but no one had a reference number and the senior clerk at the rates office was not available to confirm that the matter was reported.

The RECORD is awaiting comment from EMM.

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Elzaan Pienaar

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