Traffic lights should work all the time

The traffic light was off on Thursday evening, June 4.

It is becoming an absolute nightmare to travel through Alberton on a daily basis. Traffic lights’ turning filters at various intersections are no longer operational and cause serious congestion during peak times. They also increase the risk of accidents at these intersections dramatically.

Travelling up Swartkoppies to do the school trip in the afternoons has become a daily ambush situation. Trying to turn right into Phantom Street without the turning filter during the day is horrific because while you are waiting to turn, you cannot see what is coming down Swartkoppies behind the vehicles waiting to turn towards the Lemon Tree Centre. It is absolutely hazardous. You cannot edge forwards as someone will take the front of your car off and you cannot take a chance due to the speed that the cars are travelling at. The only way to resolve this absolutely treacherous situation is to have the turning filters running all day.

The same situation can found at the intersection of Ring Road East and Newquay Road (at the petrol station). I’m sure the staff there can tell you of many accidents and near misses due to vehicles trying to turn through the endless flow of traffic. The traffic builds up in all directions as they simply cannot move, cannot turn, cannot take the chance. Apparently all the turning filters are either no longer operating, or only operate at certain times of the day, around Ring Road. Please Ekurhuleni, or whoever sets these things, explain to me why the heck you would not have them running throughout the day. Fixing these turning filters would alleviate congestion and make the intersections much safer…yet they are off!

I implore you – please, turn them on – permanently! Spare the poor people travelling through Alberton on a daily basis the the hair-raising experience of simply trying to turn at one of these intersections.

Extremely frustrated Alberton driver

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Elzaan Pienaar

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