Open electricity box poses danger to passers-by

DANGEROUS: This open electricity box in Malagiet Avenue has been a dangerous problem for months.

I live in Malagiet Street, Randhart. I’ve been struggling with an issue since April, regarding an open electricity box that is being ignored and a hole that has been dug in my pavement and left to get bigger in the rain.

The problem is that the electricity box cannot be left open with the live wires exposed as it poses extreme danger to everyone who passes by, especially the children from the nursery close by. The hole that has been dug next to the box has just been left like that and anyone who passes by can get hurt. My neighbours would 100 per cent agree with me.

DUG UP: After rainy weather, this hole gets bigger posing a threat of injury to passers-by and children from the nearby nursery school.

I’ve sent a string of complaints to Bruna Haipel. She responded quickly and asked the EMM’s electrical engineers to come and fix the problem but they never responded. We asked them politely, urgently and I even warned them that I would take the matter to the media but still, they did nothing. This carried on for two months and the problem is still there.

This is unacceptable. If someone gets hurt or worse, everyone must know that the guys who ignored this problem should be held liable.”

Fed Up

On July 12, the EMM responded: “The electrical box’s door handles were fixed and the damaged tar was also repaired.”

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Monique van Wyk

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