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Wasn’t the middle of last week simply beautiful with its warm days so reminiscent of spring? Here we are in July. There is still a way to go but spring is on its way and I, for one, can’t wait. Winter for me just isn’t about the colder days but the dark mornings. I’m an early bird and boy, is it hard to get out of bed on a dark morning.

Last week I featured ‘Mac n Cheese’, such a tasty and easy recipe and not expensive either. Well, this week, I’m giving you an old English favourite – ‘Toad in the Hole’.


Eight large pork or beef sausages (I use Woolworths pork sausages)

For the batter

113g plain flour

One medium egg

250ml milk

A pinch of salt and pepper


Grease a shallow baking dish or roasting pan. Put the sausages in the pan and bake at 220celsius for about 20 minutes. Turn them occasionally until evenly browned. Arrange the sausages evenly in the dish.

To make the batter, put the flour into a mixing bowl, add the egg and a little milk, begin to beat, adding the rest of the milk gradually until all the milk has been incorporated. Add the salt and pepper.

Pour the batter over the sausages and bake in the oven for 20 minutes or until the batter is well risen, crisp and golden. Serve immediately. I serve it with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms.

Bouquet of the Week

Cassandra gives a big bouquet to Battery Boss, corner of Voortrekker and Eaton Terrace, New Redruth, Alberton. “Have you got a ‘nice’ car complete with radio, CD player, aircon? Great isn’t it? Do you ever think what happens when you casually switch on your car and these accessories? Very few people realise they can go nowhere without it, and that all those ‘driving pleasures’ rely on the humble battery! Mine packed up recently and off I went to Battery Boss. What a pleasure it was to be treated so well and by knowledgeable staff, in clean and efficient surroundings. Humble? Maybe! But you ain’t going anywhere without a battery! It was such a pleasure doing business with you, Battery Boss.”

That’s it for this week. Shop till you drop.


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Julie Maule
Comaro Chronicle News Editor

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