Litres of clean water going to waste at taxi rank

WASTE NOT: Clean fresh water running from the taxi rank where taps and water pipes were stolen.

“USE water sparingly is what EMM is preaching to its residents and even the mayor, Clr Mzwandile Masino echoed this warning on several occasions.

“Taking the warning seriously, one would expect EMM to act swiftly to any water pipe leak, especially where many litres of water are wasted and just ending up in the drain,” a resident of Eden Park said.

On Sunday night, July 2, thieves broke into the toilets at the local taxi rank and removed all the taps and water pipes and went to the extent of smashing all the basins. Water from broken pipes has since been running down the street and by July 13, was still running after being reported to EMM by various residents and the taxi association.

Mike Nelson of Eden Park Taxi Association said: “The Ekurhuleni Metro Council is ignoring our report concerning this waste of water. We have phoned several times and still, they don’t send workmen to fix or close the water pipes.”

Stall owners at the Old Shopping Centre also alleged that they had reported the leak which has inconveniently formed a stream passing their stall’s entrances.

The clean water has been running for 10 days non-stop, day and night.

The RECORD is awaiting EMM’s comment.

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Saul Thloloe

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