Stunning storage solutions for your home

The good news is that every home, no matter its size, has potential storage space that goes unnoticed.
These simple but creative solutions can help you to gain extra storage in unexpected places. After reading these storage tips, take another look around your home for hidden storage space.
Buy dual-purpose furniture
When buying furniture, look for items that serve more than one purpose, such as a coffee table with built-in drawers, a side table that functions as a display case for collectibles, or chests and tables with enclosed cabinets. Buy benches with hinged tops that can be folded up for out-of-sight and easily accessible storage.
Find an entertainment centre designed to fit smaller rooms and will create enough extra space to store everything, from photo albums to linens or electronic equipment. Look for an entertainment centre that fits into a corner.
Multiple drawers and shelves maximise their holding capacity.
Use a sleeper couch and chair as perfect multi-use furniture in bedrooms or other living areas of your home, or look for a couch made with built-in drawers hidden beneath the seat cushions.


Control your cupboards
To fit more into your cupboards, plan storage that reaches all the way to the ceiling. Stow suitcases, out-of-season clothes and rarely used items on harder-to-reach upper shelves.
Save space in your cupboards by adding hooks to the door for belts, ties or shoe organisers. Use shelf organisers and dividers to keep things neat and easy to find.


Saving space in the bedroom
Under-the-bed storage boxes fit in tight, narrow spots and some even have wheels for easier access. Just slide the boxes under a bed frame to store out-of-season clothes, gift wrap, children’s games or just about anything.
Increase the space in a child’s room by using a bed platform with built-in drawers. Children will help to keep things out of the way and off the floor if a row of wooden pegs line one wall of their room. Make sure the pegs are within the child’s reach.

Maximise your kitchen space
Fit space-wasting corner cabinets with Lazy Susan carousels or semi-circle shaped shelves. Install pullout shelves or baskets that use up all of the space in a deep cabinet.
Place stacking platforms in taller shelf spaces to save room. Buy drawer partitions, turntables and other organisers specially designed for kitchens. These inexpensive and ready-made organisers will fit into your existing cabinets.
Use your oven for hiding seldom-used pots and pans, but remember to remove them before turning on your oven. Choose a sturdy folding step stool to help you access out-of-reach storage space without requiring much of its own.


Organise your bathroom
Hang a mesh organiser over shower curtain rings. Stash shampoo and conditioner in large pockets and place soap, razors and other bath accessories in the smaller pockets.
Use acrylic bath canisters to organise cotton balls, make-up, hair accessories and other everyday grooming articles. Fit an unused corner with a high cabinet that features adjustable shelves to accommodate towels and other bath accessories.
Baskets, boxes or other containers work well for your prettiest towels and other bathroom linens. Rolled-up towels fit beautifully in an inexpensive wine rack.

Carmen Norton

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