Meyersdal squatters – property owners must keep stands clean


RECORD has received several complaints about squatters in Meyersdal and published letters on behalf of residents.

Below are some of the questions we posed to the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality along with their replies.

RECORD: Why is this issue not being seen to?

EMM: An inspection was conducted on July 13, on the vacant stand ERF number 1472 Meyersdal – Phillip Engelbrecht Drive. There are sites in the area which have illegal occupants staying there. According to a number of people that were interviewed, it came out that these people are involved in recycling activities of plastics and bottles and the place is for sleeping purposes.

RECORD: Whose responsibility is this?

EMM: The stands are privately owned and are, therefore, the responsibility of the owners to ensure that these stands are kept clear and clean.

RECORD: What can be done and do you plan on doing anything about the situation?

EMM: The affected people have been advised by the officials who interacted with them to register on the National Housing Database at Gauteng Department of Human Settlements based at 68 Voortrekker Street, Nevada Building in Alberton. The legal owner has to take action to protect his/her stands. The Ekurhuleni Metro’s City Planning Department has been advised to attend to the building regulations transgressions.

Answers supplied by Themba Gadebe, EMM spokesperson.

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