Support group bids cancer victim farewell

SAYING GOODBYE: Rhona Pieters and Ester January, both members of Cansurvive Support Group at a funeral of one of their members.

THE end of July was a sad time for a cancer support group who had to bid farewell to one of its members.

The member had been sick for some years and finally gave up the fight against cancer.

Cansurvive Support Group is a cancer survivor group which consists of women who support each other. The members, who had or still has cancer, do house visits to support each other and they do door to door counselling and offer assistance.

“It was a very sad day for our group to bid farewell to our dear sister in Sunbeam Street. We as a unit, offered our service to help the family at the funeral of our sister.

“This was an act to show that we will stand by our members in life and even in death. We will support you while you are alive and even when you have passed-on,” said Rhona Pieters.

Cancer victims can still join the group where they will be welcomed with open arms. Contact Rhona Pieters 074 032 5630 or Ester January 083 476 8483.

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Saul Thloloe

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