Councillor Marina van Wyk calls Ward 94 residents to public meeting

Residents of Ward 94 are invited to take part in the joint consultative process for the integrated development plan (IDP) Alberton on April 17 at 6pm at the Alberton Civic Cente hall complex.

Residents are invited to participate in establishing capital expenditure projects for the wards that they live in to enhance, and improve the lives of the people and create a conducive environment for sustainable economic and social development.

The following areas are identified as possible development areas for Ward 94:

1. Economic growth, offering opportunities for training and skills development.

2. Infrastructure development, to offer a full range of services and economic opportunities, notably in disadvantaged areas.

3. Social development which advances good governance.

4. Industrial economic development in which various industries can expand and new ones establish.

5. Arts and culture creating economic and social opportunities through the arts, heritage and sport.

“Ward development can only materialise by following the correct administrative processes. If you as a resident would like to see development and growth of council-managed services in your ward, then please attend the public meeting,” said Van Wyk.

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