[GALLERY + VIDEOS]: The Alberton Winner of Meat World’s Win-a-Car competition

The Alberton Winner of Meat World’s Win-a-Car car competition was decided by lucky draw on April 7. Chanelle Carstens received her key in a randomly drawn box and was absolutely ecstatic.

BEAMING WINNER: Management of Meat World with the winner of the Win-a-Car competition. Jorge Martins, Antonio Martins, Chanelle Carstens and Luis Guimaraes.


WINNER: Chanelle Carstens with the car she won.

LUCKY DRAW: Jorge Martins being assisted young Kiley Kok to select the finilasts.


NERVOUS: The finalists of the Meat World Win-a-car competition waiting to see if they selected the car keys.


JUBILANT: Chanelle Carstens discovers that she selected the box containing the car key.




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