GALLERY: Alberton SPCA says goodbye to Christine

CHRISTINE Bester and Joyce Hayes, also known as the mother and daughter team, is retiring after 18 years as valuable members at the Alberton SPCA.

Christine is a well-known woman in the community and everyone could always see her passion for her work and animals.

In 2016, she took over as the front-line face to the public as the receptionist of the SPCA. Christine has a love for animals and her mother Joyce, also known as Granny Hayes, ran the weekend flea market of the SPCA for many years.

GRATEFUL: Granny Joyce Hayes with her daughter Christine Bester. They are going away after 18 years of working for the Alberton SPCA.

“Sadly for the past year granny’s health has deteriorated and she’s been unable to assist, which frustrated her so much,” said Vanja Ingold, SPCA member. They both were always involved and there to help when help was needed at the SPCA.

According to the Alberton SPCA staff, Christine was always ready with a cheerful smile to assist people in reception and she was very popular with everyone. She was always running around and trying to help everyone.

GOOD LUCK: Adri Nel (chairperson) receives one of granny Joyce Hayes’ special hugs.

Christine is moving to England to be near her family and her beloved dogs Jasmine and Midnight are flying out with her.

“Today, April 21, marks my last day here and also the last time that I will be wearing the blue and white uniform. I am going to miss everyone so much and I am so grateful for Alberton SPCA. I have learned so much and I grew very fond of the staff and the community, ” said Christine.

Granny Hayes and Christine both received a farewell present. Christine’s present was an album with photos of all the years she spent with the SPCA. Adri Nel (chairperson) handed over the presents and everyone said their last goodbyes.

FAMILY: Granny Joyce Hayes, Kingstone Siziba and Christine Bester’s last photo together before the big move to England.

The staff and committee of Alberton SPCA are very grateful for all these two lovely ladies have done for the SPCA over the years and we wish them well. They will be sorely missed.

“Today is a very sad day for me as one of my dearests and most loving staff members are going away. She was good for Alberton SPCA and she will be missed. We do wish her all the best for the future,” said Kingstone Siziba, senior inspector.

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