Property and publishing giants secure a bright selling and rental market for SA

Business partnerships continue to be a viable solution to achieve business growth and success. Business entities in South Africa have embraced the idea of tapping into other organisations’ historical and operational strengths to avoid duplicating efforts and reaching new audiences and business frontiers with ease. One business partnership which has hit the market in South Africa is between property giants Private Property and media giants Caxton Publishers. What is the history and strength of these two business giants and what makes this partnership a potential success?

Private Property started as a ‘for sale by owner’ website, which allowed users to sell their own property on the website, over a period of time, it has grown into a comprehensive set of property listings from across South Africa. Leveraging on the strength of its parent company One Africa Media Group which has the largest portfolio of online businesses anywhere in Africa, Private Property has earned a glowing reputation as a one-stop shop for all things property in South Africa.

The strength of Private Property and its reputation for being a one-stop shop means:

  1. If you want to sell your property, you can list and showcase your home to over a million potential buyers every month.
  2. You can advertise your property to rent without being charged. *One free advert every 3 months.
  3. A trusted platform-This implies that fraud checks are conducted on all properties so that prospective tenants can use the website with confidence.
  4. Private Property has cultivated strong partnerships with all the major banks , financing houses and Bridging Finance which allows property clients to get pre-qualified for home loans, get approved to know affordability and even get access to funds immediately after selling the property.
  5. Private Property has gone the extra mile by providing an attorney directory for specific geographical areas, estate agents and the ability to advertise your estate agency.

Caxton Publishers on the other hand has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest publishers and printers of books, magazines, newspapers and commercial print in South Africa. Caxton boasts with 140 local newspapers with an audited distribution exceeding 3,7 million copies per week, across the nine provinces of South Africa.

Each paper has offices and a dedicated management team and local staff resources within the footprint where they publish, ensuring that all publications’ content is relevant and supportive to local communities. Caxton’s online platforms offer a variety of advertising verticals for specific markets such as motoring, vacancies, classifieds, and of course the new property portal in partnership with Private Property!

The partnership between Caxton and Private Property is therefore a win-win situation for the two organisations as well as the clientele they serve. For Caxton, the benefit will come in the form of having an increased presence in the digital space through added multimedia channels. For Private Property, it will be about a broader market reach through digital and local newspaper media platforms run by Caxton. For the general market and in particular the property market, it translates into consumers having to make less effort to find their preferred property in a much simpler and convenient manner. Lastly, other property industry stakeholders will draw the benefit of being closer to various communities and have access to relevant and broad information resources.

You can learn more about this groundbreaking partnership here.


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