How can you reduce the cost of insurance?

Insurance policies are designed to provide some form of cushion in moments of loss. It is for this reason that service providers have tailored insurance policies which cater for specific needs such as homes, vehicles, farms, etc. On the part of the customer, the reality is that insurance policies are not cheap and are increasingly getting expensive. Here is how you can reduce the cost of insurance?


Some providers offer you a discount when you get multiple types of insurance through them, like home and auto insurance. Bundling your insurance needs can get you a better discount.

Professional Membership

Some insurance companies offer discounts for members of professional organizations. Make sure you check to see if your professional membership can get you a discount with any specific providers.


Car insurance costs can differ between different geographical locations depending on the risk involved. Consult with your service provider how much this affects you. You can also check for changes in car insurance costs when changing locations, and remember to consider car insurance rates when planning a move, too.


When it comes to household insurance, it helps to have some security features around your property. Often if you have a security system, trellis doors or smoke alarms you can cut down on premiums and package costs. For motor vehicle insurance, driving a car with airbags, parking in a secure garage or having an anti-hijacking system can increase safety and therefore decrease insurance costs.


For household insurance, having a household of non-smokers can also reduce the risk of house fires which takes a chunk out of your household insurance payments. If you or a smoker in your home has kicked the habit, informing your insurance company can also have a positive effect on your costs especially with health insurance.


Buying an expensive, high performance car means your premiums will cost a lot more, buy something that you can afford to cover. When it comes to property and household, the more pricey they are the more you pay in insurance premiums.

Claim History

Weigh your options when it comes to submitting claims. Sometimes the amount you get from a small damage claim isn’t worth the increase in your premium. It is the frequency of claims, rather than the total amount paid out for claims, that raises a red flag for the insurance company. A person with a claims history showing a single claim of R400 000 will not be penalised as much as someone who has made 40 claims of R10 000 each.

The guidelines provided above if well implemented will save you lots of money spent on insurance premiums.

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