Khaya Lam project: Private Property to reward 30 deserving families with title deeds

Land and property ownership has become a big part of the South African social discourse. Unequal access to land and bureaucratic impediments when obtaining home title deeds have all compounded the situation.

Statistics currently show that there are between 5 and 7 million homes in townships across the country with no title deeds with about 20 million people living insecurely in these homes. This gloomy picture is the motivation behind the Khaya Lam 5000 title deeds drive.

True to its meaning, Khaya Lam which means ‘My Home” through its 5000 title deeds drive is a noble initiative which seeks to make home ownership a reality for thousands of families that have never owned a home. Free Market Foundation who are the brains behind this initiative believe that home-ownership is probably the best investment one could make in national security and in the long-term development of the country.

In a concerted effort to make this drive a reality, Free Market Foundation in partnership with South Africa’s property giants Private Property will be hosting an exclusive charity golf day on 31 May 2018 at Mount Edgecombe Country Club where golf will be played under a four ball alliance. The charitable drive will be concluded with 30 title deeds being handed over by Private Property to the respective and deserving families.

It is expected that the real estate industry will rally behind this important cause which will contribute towards securing dignity and security through property ownership by title deed especially for the elderly, pensioners, single parent families and the unemployed who cannot afford costs of the titling process.

Donations to the Khaya Lam project from well-wishers are also more than welcome!

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