Mayor calls for land expropriation

CITY of Ekurhuleni’s executive mayor Cllr Mzwandile Masina announced at the budget speech on May 24 that they will respond to Gauteng Premier David Makura’s call for rapid land expropriation. Makura has called for this to be implemented by June 15.

“The Government here in Ekurhuleni will release 120 farms to our farmers. We will release 40 pieces of strategic land parcels for development for those who qualify through proper and legal means, and we will release 341 council-owned shops that must be given to our people for them to upgrade and trade,” said Masina. The mayor has added that all expropriation must be done in a non-violent way.

The implementation of rapid land expropriation comes ahead of a motion in parliament for the amendment of the constitution to allow Government to expropriate land without compensation. A parliamentary committee was established to review Section 25 of the Constitution which deals with property rights.

The committee is to take into account what ordinary South Africans, policymakers, civil society organisations and academics have to say on the issue. They will then make recommendations to parliament regarding amendments to the Constitution. The committee has been given the deadline of August 30 to complete this process.

LAND ISSUE: Mayor Mzwandile Masina has called for the rapid expropriation of land in Ekurhuleni.

Chairperson of the committee, Vincent Smith, said that the committee wants all South Africans to feel free to come and give their views and be tolerant enough to allow those who have different views to air their views. People who wish to give their views on land expropriation are invited to visit the land issue website ( ) and fill out a questionnaire. This has to be done by June 14.

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