GALLERY: Decathlon’s Father & Son Soccer was great fun

THE Saturday before Father’s Day, June 16, Decathlon Alberton hosted a light-hearted, fun Father & Son Soccer event on their sports turf.

The event started at 10am and concluded later that afternoon. Dads were challenged by their sons to see if they can still keep up with them. There were plenty of sons and dads participating and everyone was clearly having a jolly time.

BATTLE FOR THE BALL: One of the orange team lads quickly claim the ball before the blue team gets to it.

Any sons from 10 to 18 years were invited to play and bring their dads along. Upbeat music was playing and there were also light refreshments to keep everyone’s strengths up.

Many of the boys and dads agreed that they enjoyed spending time together and look forward to, hopefully, a next possible Father & Son Soccer event next year. Thumbs up!

GOALIE ON THE ROLL: The blue team’s goalie does an excellent job at blocking a goal for their opponents. Look at that kick!

STOPPED THE GOAL: The goalie for the blue team did a great job at stopping the orange team from getting a goal.

AIRBORNE: The soccer ball goes airborne and players scramble to claim it.

SO CLOSE: The moment before the orange team scores a goal – or do they …?

ACTIVE DADS: A dad from the orange team kicks the ball seconds before the dad from the blue team reaches it.

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