GALLERY: Soccer world cup at Tiny Town Academy

TINY Town Academy, a preschool in Brackendowns, hosted their very own soccer world cup event to make the holiday for the little ones more fun and sociable. It was adorable!

According to Sonja van Niekerk who works at the school, the children had plenty of fun and were very enthusiastic.

“They sang ‘Shosholoza’ from their hearts like true soccer lovers, and blew their vuvuzelas with all their might,” she said with a smile.

“It was a real South African experience.”

GOING FOR THE GOAL: Two youngsters go for the goal and the coach and peers cheer them on.

GIRLS VS BOYS: Who said boys were better soccer players than girls? These youngsters challenged that stereotype.

RUN: It’s a race to get to the ball!

LOCAL PRIDE: The youngsters are proud to represent their country in this very serious soccer game.

EXCITED AUDIENCE: The audience cheer on the players excitedly.

GET READY: The coach prepares these two youngsters to go for the ball.

THE CROWD GOES WILD: The youngsters attempt their very own Mexican wave.

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