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I think, in fact, I know from TV and radio news reports, we can expect a huge increase in food prices in the next month or two. With the recent petrol hikes, not only food, but actually, everything will be costing the consumer more.

We are all going to have to learn to cut our costs and opt for cheaper options. Which brings me to my next rant!

Don’t compromise

As prices of nearly everything on the shelves rocket, I admit I have been looking more at no-name brands and specials.

But there are certain items I just won’t compromise on and last week I discovered another product that’s cheap and nasty. Well, not cheap, but less expensive than well-known brands. Dental floss is becoming quite pricey and I thought: “What can be wrong with cheaper dental floss?” I soon found out when I flossed and firstly I couldn’t pull any kind of decent length out of the holder. It kept slipping and in sheer desperation, I tried pulling a length out with a pair of scissors! After about five minutes I had a piece I could use. But, oh no, as soon I began to floss, it broke between my teeth in fine strands. Almost 20 minutes later I had managed to forcefully pull out bits of floss and was left with a severe toothache and sore gums.

Another one is cornflakes. I’m personally not a cornflake lover but I know people who swear by Kellogg’s and won’t buy anything else. And so the list goes on. Tinned tomatoes is another and mayonnaise. So, I’ve decided to rather do without than buy an inferior product which will ruin food I add it to.

New product

Lancewood has brought out a new product, Sauce Delight. Choose from cheese, mushroom or pepper sauces. They come in a handy carton and you’ll find them in the fridge section of Checkers. Selling at R29.99 for 250ml.

Sassa grants

Those of you who depend on your Sassa grant, I feel extremely sorry for you. It all seems in such disarray and senior citizens can be left without their money for a while. As it is the pension is a pittance and how seniors can manage on this amount beats me.

A word of warning. Save while you can and put away for your retirement. It arrives before you know it and you don’t want to be left out in the cold, quite literally.

That’s it for this week. Shop till you drop (and keep looking out for specials).



The Bag Lady

The Bag Lady

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