Vox Pop: What do you have for breakfast?

BREAKFAST is one of the most important meals of anyone’s day.

This week the RECORD travelled around to ask Albertonians what’s their favourite thing to have for breakfast?

NALEDI LEBEA: I love white toast with real butter, but I also like to each french toast with syrup and cheese. Breakfast is what keeps me focused during the day.

HARNESE MADUWA: I like to have a big breakfast like bacon with eggs and toast, but unfortunately I cant afford to eat it everyday. So my breakfast is never the same.

PORTIA SHONGWANE: This resident loves to have All Bran Flakes with full cream milk for breakfast and she also said that it is one of the meals that she doesn’t skip.

TSHIDISO BOJABOTSEHA: Tshidiso has a habit of only drinking his Jacobs coffee with brown sugar and Ellis Brown milk powder for breakfast. I will eat something later in the day.

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