Tech Thursday: 5 Things you need to know about YouTube’s Incognito Mode

The issue of privacy and the risk of hacking has been a major topic when it comes to popular apps this year. With all the scandals and breaches, it’s only natural that most apps review their privacy policies and make sure they upgrade their services to better serve their users.

The 1.3 billion YouTube users will now be able to privately view videos without others being able to see their search or watch history. What does this upgrade entail?


1. YouTube’s Incognito Mode is for Android users only

This upgrade has been in the testing phase since May 2018 and is being rolled out to Android users only at the moment. There is no sign of the button when using iOS.


2. Switching to Incognito Mode is super easy

All you have to do is go to your YouTube homepage and click on your profile icon in the top right corner. Then select “Turn On Incognito”. The screen will tell you that you’ve gone incognito or have become inactive. This means your activity will be cleared and your account will reflect the last time you used it. You can then browse all the videos you want to your heart’s content.


3. Look out for these indicators of “Incognito Mode”

To see whether your viewing and search history is not being recorded, all you have to do is check several indicators including Google’s hat and the shades avatar icon. The notification that comes onto your screen that reads: “You’re incognito” appears at the bottom throughout the app.

4. Only some feeds are available when browsing in “Incognito Mode”

When Incognito Mode is turned on, only the Home and Trending feeds are accessible to view. When you try to click on the Subscriptions, Inbox, Library, and Search tabs, these will remind you that content is hidden and that nothing is being saved to your history. You will have to “Turn Off Incognito” if you want to add a video to a playlist, comment or share a video.


5. Turning off Incognito Mode is just as easy

Done with your private viewing? Click the icon in the top right corner and select “Turn Off Incognito”. This will also appear at the bottom-right of the screen to remind you that it is off.

You can download YouTube version 13.25.56, which should now be available via the Play Store.

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