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AS a part-time sports fan (only interested in sport at international level) I’ve been watching the World Cup with much enthusiasm and of course was rooting for my home country, England.

It was so disappointing when Croatia beat them but both teams played a great game and as they say, the best team won. At least now I can get back to early nights in bed again and during the winter months, I’m a sucker for a warm bed and a good book.

It’s coming

I was in Woolworths last week and there in all its glory was summer clothing. What a fabulous sight and now I know we are on our way to spring. I also know the Woolworths winter sale will be in the next few weeks. Now is definitely the right time to buy your winter clothing for next year and if what we are hearing is true, clothing will rocket in price in the next few months. So, be clever and thrifty and think ahead. You’ll also be able to pick up winter duvet sets and sheets, as well as fluffy throws.

Saving the world bit by bit

Apparently, Pick n Pay will begin introducing 100 per cent recyclable plastic bags from August and paper straws will phase out plastic straws. Also, Pick n Pay-branded earbuds will be introduced where the plastic inners will be replaced with paper.

Woolworths has said it plans to be the first retailer in South Africa to contribute zero packaging waste. The retailer said it aims to have none of its packagings end up in landfills, which will require the introduction of 100 per cent recyclable materials and a supportive recycling infrastructure. This will include the phasing out of unnecessary single-use plastics, and the commitment for all its packaging to be either reusable or recyclable by 2022. Woolworths is committed to phasing out single-use plastic shopping bags completely by 2020, it said.

I was thinking, in my great-grandparents and grandparents’ time, there were no plastic packets in stores, shoppers shopped with their own shopping bags, paper bags were used for vegetables and fruit, milk came in glass bottles as did fruit juice and all cold drinks. So in fact, we’ve come full circle or trying to. Also, shops were on the main street of the village or town. There was the confectioner, the butcher, the greengrocer. Will we go back to that one day? Makes you think, doesn’t it?

On that note, until next week. Shop till you drop!



The Bag Lady

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