GALLERY: Puregas filling buckets with love and food on Mandela Day

PUREGAS went big for Mandela Day. They collected stacks of food to fill 67 love buckets to donate to Amcare.

This Alrode-based company has been participating in the good-deed traditions associated with Mandela Day for the past four years and agree that they will continue doing so for as long as possible.

Each year, they help a different cause. This year, they decided to help Amcare.

SO MUCH FOOD: Puregas bought all this food to fill up 67 love buckets.

“We chose Amcare because they’re such a big part of our community,” said Kim Isherwood on behalf of Puregas. “We have supported Amcare in the past as well because they have a wonderful cause. We are still deciding which cause will be on our Mandela Day list for next year.”

At the company building, they had a room full of big buckets and all kinds of different canned and starchy foods to fill them with. Puregas started collecting the food two weeks prior to Mandela Day but bought the rest of the necessary food to fill all the buckets.

HELPING OUT: Puregas employees gladly helped out with the signs of the company logo that were adhered to the buckets.

The employees rolled up their sleeves and got to work – the aim was to fill up all 67 buckets within 67 minutes. They exceeded in this task and filled all the buckets in less than 15 minutes.

LOADING THE TRUCK: The strong employees quickly loaded the pickup truck with the heavy buckets.

Afterwards, they loaded all the buckets on one of the company pickup trucks and delivered the donations to Amcare’s premises. Needless to say, the recipients were thrilled with this kind gesture.

DONATED FOOD: A variety of food was collected from kind donors by Puregas.

“We really look forward to doing this again next year,” said Kim. “It feels really good to give, and it’s something that everyone should consider doing on Mandela Day.”

ALMOST FULL: This is what the buckets looked like when they were nearly filled up.

ALMOST LOADED: Here, the truck was almost loaded with all the buckets – just one more layer was needed before the delivery could be made to Amcare.

MANDELA DAY: The Puregas team before filling the empty buckets.

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