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No shopping news this week, sorry! I usually enjoy Mandela Day, going around seeing what community members are doing for the less fortunate but this year it was tainted with sad scenes of neglected children.

Yes, there was wonderful camaraderie out there and it made my heart happy to see so much being done in the name of Mandela, but what about the other 364 days in the year?

South Africa needs a government who will help those who can’t help themselves, all of them, not a few who are lucky enough to get a few paltry handouts!

Going into Jackson Drift informal settlement on Mandela Day brought home to me just how many thousands, maybe even millions of our nation, are so poor they have absolutely nothing. And when I say nothing, I mean nothing! People desperately need to be educated in birth control, and quickly. Each time I visit the informal settlement there seems many more tiny children. I went home that evening with a very heavy heart and was thankful for what I have.

On a brighter note, even after such a cold week, we are on our way towards warmer weather and the beginning of spring. Just August to get through now.

Until next week, shop till you drop.



The Bag Lady

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