Vox Pop: Community shares how their spending changed due to increasing prices

WITH the increase of fuel prices as well as rates and taxes the RECORD asked the community how this affected their spending and budgets.

STEVEN MOPALAMI: “To cope with the rising prices I had to stop spending on non-essentials. I had a Mr Price account that I had to close as here wasn’t money available for it.”

MELUSI NKOSI: “The price increases are affecting me a lot. Most of my money goes towards the cost of taxi’s which is a major concern when you’re not on a stable salary.”

KEVIN VAN DEN BERG: “My money goes towards travel and other absolutely necessary costs which makes it hard to spend it on other things I want to spend it on. Moving closer to my work would be an option but adding rent as well would make all my fun disappear.”

PATRICK MHLOPE: “It’s a problem for us because our salaries don’t go up as well. It forces us to take loans which only add to the amount we need to pay per month.”

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