Tech Thursday: South Africans using UberX can expect higher fares

In a blog post, the transport service app confirmed that the minimum fare for your UberX rides throughout South Africa will be increased from R20 to R25. The Port Elizabeth UberGO minimum fare has also increased from R17 to R20. It noted that the previous minimum fare of R20 will still apply to all trips starting in Soweto and that price of UberBLACK and UberVAN services is unaffected.

The price hike comes after months of Uber drivers striking because of the cost of running their cars and increased fuel prices. Uber said that they hiked prices to help provide reliable earning opportunities for drivers.

“We are making various changes and improvements to help provide reliable earning opportunities for driver-partners and a reliable service for you, our riders,” said Uber.

Uber is also rolling out a tiered service fee, rewarding driver-partners for completing more trips by lowering their weekly service fee.

“As more drivers look to Uber as an earning opportunity, this small increase will still make it possible for riders to access affordable transport whilst providing profitable earnings for driver-partners,” the company said.

“To show our appreciation and recognition of our driver-partners’ loyalty, we are currently rolling out a pilot Tiered Service fee. The more trips completed by a driver-partner and the higher their rating, the lower their weekly Uber service fee is,” it added.

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