Celebrating women in the South

WITH August being a month for women, and Women’s Day just gone by, the RECORD took the streets to ask women how they spent their Women’s Day – and of course, the men if they spoiled the women in their lives.

HANTA SCHUTTE: “My birthday was the day after Women’s Day, so it was like I had two birthdays in a row! My husband and I went out for a nice meal.”

JOHAN SCHUTTE: “I did some shopping so that I could spoil my wife and children with a nice meal. I wanted to make her feel special on Women’s Day.”

JABU KHUMALO: “My father and I cooked for my mother. We also served them with a homemade treat.”

THABILE DUBE: “On Women’s Day I was at the Swedish Free Church. We were cooking for some Swedish guests to make them feel welcome and we got to know more about their culture too.”

SELENA MAKHOBA: “I cooked for my grandchildren and for once I was just at home spending time with the people I love.”

ELSA TOMES: “I was working on Women’s Day. We gave our clients little notes saying ‘Happy Women’s Day’ with their coffee. It was a nice day.”

KAREN VAN HEERDEN: “On Women’s Day I was spoiled by my husband and children. It was a lovely day.”

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